Bring Sustainability and Convenience to Your Lab

A reimagination of the modern cell culture laboratory. Sustainable media conveniently prepared at point-of-use with the touch of a button.

The Future of Cell Culture Media Manufacturing

Optimized performance drives the success of advanced cell-based applications. Manufacture fresh, convenient, optimized solutions with Krakatoa to expedite and simplify your development.


Freshly manufactured solutions avoid natural post-solubilization degradation.


Automation and intelligent sensing enables consistent solubilization and machine performance.


Integrated pod filters and sterilization cycles designed to deliver quality media with every pod run.


Krakatoa™ Benchtop Media Maker

The world’s first point-of-use media manufacturing system, Krakatoa dispenses cell culture media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions from powder-filled pods.

Krakatoa™ Benchtop Media Maker

Developed to complement Nucleus Biologics' portfolio of custom media, bioprocessing solutions, and services — design, customize, and now manufacture.


Drive performance by iterating efficiently and identifying optimized custom formulations in small volumes early in development.

Krakatoa™ Pods

The powder-filled consumable that delivers your custom media.

Patented pod design features expandable media bag, magnetic stir bar, and filter. Biodegradable, and capable of losing 90% of its mass in just one month.


Integrated with Nucleus Biologics' NB-Lux media management platform, easily design and order custom media and bioprocessing solutions in powder-filled pods.

Resources and Downloads

Explore all Stoic Bio educational resources and downloads. Learn how the Krakatoa ecoystem powers sustainable cell science.

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