Optimizing Media, Minimizing Waste

Join others committed to making science as green as possible. We’ve made it easy to recycle your used pods.

Welcome to the Movement

We’re committed. The convergence of technology and sustainability is at the heart of everything Stoic Bio creates. From our biodegradable pods to planet-friendly packaging, our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of laboratories and minimize waste. Together, we can cure people and the planet.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Liquid media solutions are shipped in PET bottles and are eventually incinerated or will last centuries in landfills. Krakatoa pods are biodegradable, reducing reliance on PET plastics.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

When compared to conventional liquid cell culture manufacturing, media solutions derived from the Krakatoa media maker result in a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Simplify the Cold Chain

Pods are small, lightweight, and most can be stored at room temperature, mitigating any logistical risks and reducing shipping and storage costs and need for temperature control.

Let’s Do This Together

Our users are all motivated to do their part to make the world a better place through science. Every time they recycle, our sustainability impact reaches even greater heights.

David Sheehan

David Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer

How to Recycle Your Krakatoa™ Pods




After use, compact your pod and replace port cover and filter cap.




Place pods in provided Stoic Bio recycling bag. Each holds up to 10.




When full, seal bag and affix prepaid label for drop off at specified courier.

Request More Recycling Bags

Each bag holds up to 10 pods. Bags are included with every order, but if you need more you can request them here.

The Circular Economy of Pods

Pods are at the center of our recycling and sustainability efforts. Learn more below.


Do I need to clean my pods?
There should be little to no amount of liquid left in pods post-solubilization, and so they can be discarded directly into the recycling bag without cleaning. However, pods that contain more than trace amounts of liquid should not be placed in a recycling bag for shipping.
Can I still recycle a pod if I threw away my port cover or filter cap?

Yes. The port cover and filter cap prevent spillage if there remains any liquid in the pod post solubilization.

Do recycling bags cost anything?

Bags and shipping labels are provided at no cost to the customer.

Where can I get more bags?

Bags are provided by Nucleus Biologics with every order of media. If you run out, you can request more directly from them or by contacting us.