Extending Lifespans, Responsibly.

We are committed to supporting the research and development of advanced therapies while reducing the prevalence of single-use plastics in cell culture.

The Cost of Advancement

We are at a stage of exciting, unprecedented growth and innovation in our industry—one that already has a carbon footprint greater than the automotive industry. We must find sustainable solutions that support our therapeutic goals while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Unprecedented Growth

Unprecedented Growth

Cellular therapies and other biologics have shown great promise for treating cancers and other debilitating and incurable diseases. The number of approved therapies is growing at a rapid pace with even more entering clinical trials.

Unprecedented Waste

Unprecedented Waste

Cellular therapeutics require vast amounts of cell culture media which will only increase the already significant contributions of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to the current GHG emissions and plastic waste.

Changing the Paradigm to Reduce Waste

On-site solubilization

On-Site solubilization

decreasing GHG emissions from transportation refrigerated storage.

Pods engineered with 96%

compostable, recyclable plastics.

compostable, recyclable plastics.

Easy recycling program

Easy recycle program

enabling a circular economy for cell culture consumables.

Bring Sustainability to Your Cell Culture Science

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Recycle, reuse

Krakatoa pods are the heart of the new circular economy. Pods are biodegradable and the bioplastics used in them can be repurposed for future use.

Planet-friendly packaging

From cardboard to shrink wrap, we have sourced only curbside recyclable materials to deliver your Stoic Bio products and accessories.