Cure People + Planet™

Utilizing technology to drive sustainability in your cell culture media manufacturing processes.

A “Culture” Shift in Cell Media

Stoic Bio is changing the paradigm of cell culture media manufacturing to accelerate the research, development, and commercialization of innovative discoveries while creating a cleaner and greener future.

Sustainable Solutions

Significantly reduce GHG emissions and waste with powdered cell culture formulations delivered in biodegradable pods for solubilization at point-of-use.

Optimized Performance

Rapidly prototype custom cell culture media, buffers, and balanced salts tailored to your critical quality attributes with the Krakatoa ecosystem.

Simplified Scale Up

Iterate media in 500 mL volumes for faster formulation optimization and streamlined downstream transition to GMP batches in your desired format.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Own your formulation to decrease your reliance on sole source supply and lower upfront costs with small volume commitments and lightweight pods.


The Sustainable Media Ecosystem

Krakatoa, the world's first benchtop media maker, solubilizes fresh media at point-of-use at the touch of a button. Utilizing biodegradable pods filled with powder components, Krakatoa's automated processes control the mixing and dispensing of sterile-filtered media.

Pods contain your custom cell culture formulations in powder form for benchtop solubilization. Designed for convenience and sustainability, they include an integrated magnetic stir bar, 0.2-micron filter, and are constructed from 96% biodegradable and recyclable bioplastics.

NB-Lux, developed by our partners at Nucleus Biologics, is the easiest way to customize and order all your bioprocessing solutions in pods. Easily configure components and concentrations. Save formulas for future use. Visit Nucleus Biologics to learn more about NB-Lux.

Manufacture Greener Therapies

Roughly 5.5M tons of plastic waste per year is produced by our industry, taking centuries to decompose. Krakatoa, the world’s first benchtop media maker, was built so that together we can create a cleaner future, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


Reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced.


Reduction in transportation greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced.


Reduction in end-of-life greenhouse gas emissions per 500 mL of media produced.

How It Works

Krakatoa facilitates the design, iteration, and production of custom cell culture solutions simply and sustainably. Recycle your pods and join the movement of laboratories making cell culture sustainable.


Customize and order media, balanced salt solutions, and buffers in Krakatoa pods using Nucleus Biologics' online platform, NB-Lux.


Insert your pod and autoclaved 500 mL bottle and press start. Krakatoa will automatically solubilize, sterile filter, and dispense your custom media in under 30 minutes.


Remove empty pod and discard into the provided recycling bag. When filled, attach the provided shipping label to send your pods back to us for recycling.

Resources and Downloads

Explore all Stoic Bio educational resources and downloads. Learn how the Krakatoa ecoystem powers sustainable cell science.

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