The Future of Cell Culture Media is in Pods

Simple, sustainable, and easily storable. Powdered media in pods is changing the paradigm of cell culture.

Pod Features


Pressure and water ports


Mixing bag holds powdered media formulation


Magnetic stir bar included


0.2 um PES filter


Pod cap


96% recyclable compostable bioplastics

Pod Features

Changing the Cell Culture Paradigm

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The current reliance on single-use plastics and refrigerated transportation of liquid cell culture media is causing significant greenhouse gas emissions. Our Krakatoa pods dramatically reduce the environmental impact of cell media, and herald in a new way to think about lab sustainability.
Kimberly Negrin, Ph.D.

Kimberly Negrin, Ph.D.

Business Unit Leader

How to Order Krakatoa™ Media Pods

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Adjust solution components and concentrations to your specifications.

Step 3

Click “Request a quote.” A Nucleus Biologics representative will follow up to confirm your order.

The Circular Economy of Pods

Krakatoa media pods are at the heart of the new circular economy. Media pods are constructed from 96% biodegradable and recyclable components. With our recycling program, pods can be returned to Stoic Bio and given a new life outside the landfill.

The Circular Economy of Pods


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Customize and Order

Customize and Order

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Ship Sustainably

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Does Stoic Bio sell cell culture media?

Stoic Bio specializes in developing novel capital equipment that provides quality cell culture solutions sustainably. Media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions are purchased through our partner, Nucleus Biologics.

Is every media and biological solution "podable"?

Although the majority of media are “podable”, meaning it is okay to mix and store the mixture at room temperature, there are still a number of component mixtures we have not tested. Some pods may require a “podability” study to define if components are podable and to ensure consistent and high-quality outcomes. Our partners at Nucleus Biologics will advise if this is the case for your custom media project.

How long are Krakatoa™ pods stable?

Stability of a Krakatoa pod is defined by the powdered components. Since most media in pods are custom, requirements for storage may vary, but directions will be printed on the pod.

How long does it take to run a pod?

Typically less than 30 minutes from start to finish, though different formulas may vary slightly.

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