Frequently Asked Question

Can I purchase a Krakatoa™ directly from Stoic Bio?
Krakatoa is currently only available from our partner, Nucleus Biologics.
Once I start a pod run, do I need to remain by the instrument during solubilization?

No. After inserting the pod and glass bottle, Krakatoa will run an automated pod run cycle and you do not need to be present for the solubilization stage of the pod run.

Is the solubilized solution sterile?
Krakatoa media and bioprocessing solutions are produced in a UV-sterilized chamber and sterile filtered through a 0.2 micron filter. The user must ensure that the glassware is clean, free of detergents, and properly autoclaved prior to dispensing media into the glass bottle to ensure sterility.
Does the Krakatoa™ device require cleaning?
Krakatoa runs an internal self-cleaning cycle automatically after every pod run. No input is required from the user to initiate this sequence. External cleaning may be performed periodically in accordance with the guidelines in the user manual.
Can I turn my Krakatoa™ off?
It is recommended to leave Krakatoa on at all times. When the instrument is in a resting state, very little power is consumed.
What accessories are included with Krakatoa™?

With the purchase of any Krakatoa device, you will receive a starter kit that includes three glass bottles, a biodegradable bag holder, biodegradable bags to collect your pods after use, and a pod evacuation tool. To request additional bottles or bags, contact us.

What type of warranty does Krakatoa™ come with?

Krakatoa comes with a limited 12-month warranty.

Where can I find Krakatoa™ technical or troubleshooting information?

The Krakatoa User Manual addresses many topics on issues you may encounter while using Krakatoa. If you need further assistance, contact us to talk to our support team.

Does Stoic Bio sell cell culture media and bioprocessing solutions?

Stoic Bio specializes in developing novel capital equipment that provides quality cell culture solutions sustainably. Media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions are purchased through our partner, Nucleus Biologics.

Where can I purchase cell culture solutions for the Krakatoa™ media maker?

Cell culture media, buffers, and balanced salt solutions for Krakatoa can be purchased through our partner, Nucleus Biologics, via NB-Lux — Nucleus Biologics' online customization and ordering platform. When on NB-Lux, select "Powder" in the "Format" section to purchase your media or reagent in a Krakatoa pod. To order powder-filled pods, click here.

Is every media and biological solution "podable"?

Although the majority of media and solutions are “podable”, meaning it is okay to mix and store the mixture at room temperature, there are still a number of component mixtures we have not tested. Some pods may require a “podability” study to define if components are podable and to ensure consistent and high-quality outcomes. Our partners at Nucleus Biologics will advise if this is the case for your custom media project.

How long are Krakatoa™ pods stable?
Stability of a Krakatoa pod is defined by the powdered components. Since most media in pods are custom, requirements for storage may vary, but directions will be printed on the pod.
How long does it take to run a pod?
Typically less than 30 minutes from start to finish, though different formulas may vary slightly.
Do I receive a certificate of analysis (COA) / certificate of conformance (COC) for media delivered in a pod?
With every pod run, Krakatoa automatically generates a "Pod Activity Report." This report contains the details of solubilization and quality conformance or deviation.
What is the minimum order quantity for pods?
One. You can order a single pod if you wish.
Can all pods be stored at room temperature?
While the majority of pods can be stored at room temperature, there are some components users may add that necessitate cold storage and/or shipping. In these rare cases, you will be informed prior to shipment.
Can I order my pod formulation in different packaging formats?

Yes. If you define a target formula and wish to have that media produced in larger quantities, simply load the formula in NB-Lux — Nucleus Biologics' online customization and ordering platform — and select "Liquid" for format. You can choose bottles, bags, or even drums for your packaging.

Are Krakatoa™ pods recyclable?

Yes, Krakatoa pods were designed with 96% recyclable, compostable plastic material.

Why do you say your pods are compostable?
In the appropriate environment, our pods can be completely decomposed very quickly – within approximately 30 days.
How can customers recycle their pods
Simply, recap the filter and recover the ports and toss your pod in the provided recycling bag. Once full, seal the bag, attach the prepaid postage, and drop in the designated carrier’s collection bin.
Do I need to clean my pods?
Post solubilization, there should only be miniscule amounts of media left in the pod bag, if any at all. In the case of malfunction, we ask you drain the pods before shipping.
Can I still recycle a pod if I threw away my port cover or filter cap?
Yes. The port cover and filter cap prevent spillage if there remains any liquid in the pod post solubilization.
What is done with the recyclable case?
Pod cases are either sustainably composted or will be given a new life as a new pod. The material used is not only compostable but can be easily repurposed as new pod material.
Why does Stoic Bio use the exterior casing for its pod?
The pod ends or casings help protect the materials during shipment, as well as provide a level of protection from environmental stresses such as humidity and temperature.
What is the carbon footprint of media produced using powdered pods?
When comparing an equivalent volume of media delivered in plastic bottles, producing media with Krakatoa reduces the contribution of greenhouse gas emissions by 65%.
Does powder and pods generate unnecessary waste?
Using powder supplied in recyclable pods significantly reduces unnecessary waste as 96% is recyclable. Most plastic bottles wind up in a landfill or incinerator releasing greenhouse gases back into the environment.
Do recycling bags cost anything?
Bags and shipping labels are provided at no cost to the customer.
Where can I get more bags?

Bags are provided by Nucleus Biologics with every order of media.If you run out, you can request more directly from them or by contacting us.